What you should know when preparing for a home loan

To make your home loan process as seamless as possible below are a few reminders of troublesome mortgage behavior to be aware and to avoid.


  • Don't make a major purchase (ex. car, increase lease, boat, jewelry, etc.)
  • Don't open new credit cards - even if you're getting 20% off of your purchase.
  • Don't buy any furniture.
  • Don't apply for new credit until AFTER you close on your mortgage.
  • Don't transfer credit card balances from one account to another.
  • Don't pay charge offs without a discussion with your lender first.
  • Don't pay collections without a discussion with your lender first.
  • Don't pay off any loans or credit cards without discussing with your lender.
  • Don't close any credit card accounts.
  • Don't max out or over charge on your credit card accounts.
  • Don't consolidate your debt into 1 or 2 cards.
  • Don't take out a new loan.
  • Don't refinance any elective medical procedures.


  • Don't quit your job to change industries or start a new company.
  • Don't switch from a salaried job to a heavily-commissioned job.


  • Don't change bank accounts.
  • Don't transfer large sums of money between bank accounts.
  • Don't forget to pay your bills - even the ones in dispute
  • Don't accept a cash gift without filing the proper "gift" paperwork.
  • Don't make random, undocumented deposits into your bank account.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Together we will review your mortgage options, home needs and budget to help find your new home.

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